Dog Training Near Me

Paul’s biggest strength is his versatility. Years of experience gave him insight into dealing with dogs of all kinds, from top competitive sport dogs to everyday home pets, from the most aggressive rescue dogs to health service companions. His techniques are best described as a combination of field dog obedience methods with positive base training. When asked about what makes him such a good coach and counselor, Paul describes his mindset as a combination of the perspectives of a veterinarian, a lawyer and a shrink. Calling his unique method the ”perspective-based training”, he emphasizes approaching every difficult training scenario from multiple viewpoints, taking into account both the angles of the dog and the owners.

work on behavior problems that include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive barking (demand vs protection).
  • Obsessive behaviors like Barking/Vocalization.
  • Aggression Toward Other Dogs.
  • Pulling on the leash.
  • Handling Issues such as leashing up, sensitivity to touch, visitors, noises.
  • Dog-Dog Reactivity on-leash
  • The Home Front, counter surfing and kitchen etiquette.
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggression directed toward you, children or family members, strangers or other dogs
  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Fearful reactions and phobias

Behavior problems are a frequent indication that your dog isn’t happy, either.

  • Early intervention is always optimal but not always possible, as with a recently adopted dog.
  • The key is to start at the first sign of a problem.

My Methods

  • Many behavior problems can be difficult to solve on your own, especially if they have been present for a number of years.
  • Discipline or punishment cannot teach, let alone resolve behavior problems.
  • In all of my training programs we utilize a combination of science-based (and proven) behavior modification, loving care and specially designed activities that bring out the best in a dog, teach him new skills and ways to cope with anxiety and fear – which is an underlying factor in most cases of aggression.

Complete Training Programs

  • Throughout the training process we address
    1. Daily dog walks
    2. Daycare
    3. Boarding
  • These create consistency, ensure long-term success and give you down-time when you need it. we have many options for training, including:
    1. Board and Train
    2. Private sessions in your home.
  • Day Training with Paul Miller is a dynamic Training Program that simultaneously solves behavior problems while teaching dogs new behaviors in places and situations where they are most reactive and fearful.
  • Day Training can solve the problem and teach your dog a new repertoire of pro-social behaviors that will make life enjoyable once again.
  • Day Training solves multiple behavior problems and teaches new behaviors by combining three powerful ingredients namely:
    1. Exercise,
    2. Training, and
    3. Socialization.

Day Training for Adolescent Dogs

  • The most enjoyable, least stressful way to address these problems is to avoid straight discipline and give your youngster a job.
  • This job can include:
    1. sitting instead of jumping
    2. focusing on you instead of barking
    3. waiting at an open door…etc.
  • Small groups of peers and wise older dogs that act as role models

Day Training for Dogs with Behavior Problems

  • Dogs cope with fear, trauma and loss with behavioral changes.
  • When our problems go unsolved they tend to multiply, and it’s the same with dogs.

Newly Adopted Dogs

  • Day Training can provide experiences that build confidence and promote a healing, trusting bond between you.

  • The first weeks with a puppy are the most stressful for people and puppies alike.

  • Socializing your puppy will make all the difference between having a dog you can take anywhere and one that stays home or in a locked car because he is unmanageable.


Puppy Foundation Program is an intensive, one-on-one, 24-hour care and training program that teaches your puppy everything he needs to know, in all the places he needs to know it.

Puppy Foundation Program delivers results quickly and effortlessly by combining round-the-clock care, training and socialization with practice sessions for you and your family.

Puppy Foundation Program can begin as early as 8 or 9 weeks of age, as soon as you get your new puppy.

There are 3 Ways to Participate in the Foundation Program

– All Foundation Program options, sessions can be scheduled to fit your schedule.

Board and Train

provides 24-hour care, training and socialization for puppies as young as 8 weeks. Includes in-home sessions during the week where I train you and your puppy together.

Day Training

includes a full day of training and socialization for your puppy, combined with in-home sessions where we train you and your puppy together.

In-Home Training

provide intensive instruction, guidance and support for you and your puppy.